About the Idaho Weed Guy

The Weed Guy LLC has been in business for nearly a decade, with a legacy of dead weeds and satisfied landowners in eastern, southern, and central Idaho. The lure of Lake Pend Oreille was too strong to resist for the dedicated angler I would like to be, so now I am in the Sandpoint area.
The serious stuff: I have a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Montana, School of Forestry and spent 25 years with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) trying to create or maintain healthy landscapes in Montana, Oregon, and Idaho. Mining, grazing, logging, recreation, roads, and gravel pits- I have seen them all. In nearly every instance, noxious weeds were a problem.
Noxious weed control finally became an official part of my job description, which made me responsible for a seven county area in Idaho. I helped establish one of the first successful goat grazing plus biological control projects on leafy spurge in the region. Weeds died, goats and beetles flourished, and I was hooked.
My time with the BLM really gave me a big picture view of weed infestations and their causes that few professional herbicide applicators can match. I also found out that killing weeds can be very satisfying work. It isn't quite as fun as fishing, because the big ones are much easier to find. On the other hand, there is no limit.

Ken Thacker

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