The Idaho Weed Guy's Field Guide to Weed Control

Environmentally Sensitive Weed Control

It took me a while to declare war on noxious weeds. A weed was just a plant out of place, after all. For over thirty years I watched as the plants out of place became the guests who came to stay. Plants such as spotted knapweed and leafy spurge turned into a marauding army of destruction, threatening wildlife forage, native plants, agriculture and even the quality of outdoor recreation. That's why I became The Weed Guy.
It started out small, like pulling knapweed in rest areas along I-15 or stacking thistle seedheads into the campfire. It mushroomed until my wife would no longer go hiking with me, embarrassed by my weed-pulling gloves, the ever-present backpack sprayer in the truck and bio-controls in a jar. She became really concerned when I half jokingly mentioned wanting to get a goat to bring with us.
When I started talking to strangers about methods of herbicide application and the importance of doing no harm to innocent bystanders like landscaping plants, I knew it was time to start my own business. That was nearly a decade ago.
This may all sound light hearted, but controlling noxious weeds is serious business. The first step is to learn how serious, and then to move on to considering the options.

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