the Scoop on Weed Control


is the most cost effective way to control weeds, but unfortunately for many land owners in the Sandpoint area, that horse has already left the barn. If you are one of those landowners, there are many options available to you to begin controlling your weed problems. These fall into the following general groups:

  1. Mechanical Control

    hand-pulling, plowing, etc.

  2. Cultural Controls

    planting competing vegetation or changing land use practices

  3. Biological Control

    find out more about biological control here.

  4. Chemical Control

    find out more about weed control with herbicides here.

Due to the aggressive nature of some weeds, it usually requires use of more than one control measure. This is known as Integrated Weed Management.

The use of herbicides is not to be taken lightly. They are man-made chemicals foreign to the environment and can have a variety of unintended consequences if used improperly. The Weed Guy does use herbicides-along with other methods-using an environmentally sensitive herbicide application approach.

If you are not wondering,

"What is an environmentally sensitive herbicide application?"

then you should be. It means treating the target plant (the bad guy) with the most selective and effective herbicide at the proper time and in the proper amount. Ideally, we kill only the weeds and use the minimum amount of herbicide necessary. You don't want to kill all the plants (the good guys) that you want to grow up and be happy and healthy and compete with the weeds.

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